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Specification of Top Loading FD-121

Digital scalesDescription:FD-121 Up to 1/15,000 display resolution (Internal resolution of 1 / 300,000)
Automatic calibration
Mode of weighing kilograms (kg) and pounds (lb)
Full range tare, automatic zero tracking, pre-match
Data accumulation (weight and amount)
Automatic average unit weight, 10 unit weight functions set
Low power and indication of charging status
Drains designed under the platter to provide better protection against the air flowing to the scale
sealing rings designed to prevent dust, dirt, insects and air
Improve scale and cleanliness
Special design for endurance switches goes into scale for better security and performance support
Design a special concave power coil outlet to prevent water from flowing into the reserve to improve safety and reliability
Easy to adjust foot leveling for safe scale
High resolution mode to temporarily display 30,000 divisions for 5 seconds (available in agreement)

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