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Timbangan PLU 35kg
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Specification of Timbangan PLU 35kg


Digital Price Computing Scale scales with guaranteed quality with the results of accuracy and made with High quality materials. This one Digital Kitchen Scales, is perfect for those of you who like cooking & need accuracy in the scale. Because you no longer need to make sure the scales needles are right or not. With this Digital Scales you can just look at the display, for that size. Max 40Kg capacity, automatically calculates prices. Suitable for use in grocery stores, department stores, laundry kilos, food markets, factories, industries, etc. Digital Scales are sophisticated new products, very accurate and have many functions. Using accurate Load Cell, microprocessor, double 16 digit indicator lights, weight counter, price counter, auto-zero-tracking, set-zero, clear and other functions. Brand: Haida Max capacity: 40kg Min Capacity: 200gr Power: 220V 50Hz Electricity consumption <10W Product Dimensions: 34x33x11cm

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