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Timbangan Digital M-11
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Specification of Timbangan Digital M-11

Product Description
Digital scales are made for high accuracy measurement results, designs that are strong, compact and practical (because they can use rechargeable batteries).excellence:
- made using sensors that have high precision accuracy
- has the capacity to store 8 types of unit prices
- calculation accumulated up to 99 times
- this scale can still work even if there is a power outage at any time
- This scale will die automatically if it is no longer used to save energyTechnical specifications :
- AC 220V / 110V
- Precision: 1 / 3000F.S
- Can save up to 8 types of unit price prices
- 5 digit unit price
- 6 digit total price
- max capacity 30kg, an increase of 1gr
- tray size: 33.5x23cm
- double display (front and back)
- guidebook
- size: 36 x 13.2 x 35.2 cm
FEATURES: Can set prices (can't yet issue shopping receipts)

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